The joy of a garden

I find gardening – specifically veggies and fruit, but I’m enamored of flowers too – such a joyful endeavor.  Watching things grow is definitely one of my favorite things!  I appreciate plants that you can direct sow, that is plant the seeds directly in the ground, so that I can enjoy the whole process in my … Continue reading The joy of a garden

Travel Hacking

Oh the world of travel hacking…how did I ever live without it?  My introduction to world of churning and traveling for pennies on the dollar came from The Frugal Travel Guy.  I found the site in 2011 and I’ve never looked back.  At its most basic, it is leveraging my good credit to travel on … Continue reading Travel Hacking

Trip planning

This is a big part of my life.  I love planning trips, vacations, adventures, whatever you want to call them. I planned an impromptu trip to southern Oregon with my mom for a few days of relaxation and exploration.  I used United miles (10k each) to get from Ontario to Medford with a layover in … Continue reading Trip planning

A new adventure

When I became curious about bees I spent time observing them in my garden and I checked out about 20 books from the library.  When my curiosity is aroused I obsess.  I want all of the information I can find and I want it now! As much as I love bugs, I love travel more. … Continue reading A new adventure